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DUELING BANJO'S!!! Live at the Carriage House!

LIVE at the CARRIAGE HOUSE! Grandpa was a Carpenter

Woody Guthrie's "the Rueben James", Live at The Carriage House, Featuring Johnny Troxler on Spoons!

HONKY TONK WOMAN! Live, at the Carriage House!!!

Live at the Carriage House! Wagon Wheel!

Live in Callicoon! Star of the County Down!

Live in The Carriage House, I'll be your Baby Tonight!

ROCKY TOP, Live at the Carriage House, the Great Johnny Troxler on Spoons!!!

THE IRISH ROVER! Live at The Carriage House!! Featuring Johnny Troxler on Spoons!

Us on 7th Ave., New Years Eve, 2013
We played two blocks from Times square, Great Night! We will be there This year as well!!

The Last Thing on my Mind, Live, at the Carriage House!

Live at the Carriage House!! Friend of the Devil, part one of "Ripple"

Live at The Carriage House, the rest of "Ripple"

Jack and Don !

Jack and Don in East Durham on the Big Stage!
Memorial Day Weekend Irish Festival, We Opened this Festival for 13 Years in a Row!


Driscoll and Smith You tube videos:   Blow ye winds     The Ferryman         Egan’s Polka    Leaving of Liverpool   Wild Rover       Panic on the Ground

PLAY SONG: Slievenamon, a song about a mountain in Tipperary, which translates to, the mountain of the Woman! A great Waltz, sung by Jack.

Driscoll and Smith, Folkin' it up since 1997
Available in S, M, L, XL, $15.00 Plus $3.50 Postage
Folkin' it up !
Up Close!

PLAY: Seclection of songs from our first album, enjoy!


Driscoll and Smith is a regional band (usually a duo, but sometimes upwards of five people, depending) consisting of Jack Driscoll on Guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and lead and harmony vocals, and Don Smith on Banjo, tin whistle, Tenor Guitar, concertina, mandolin, and lead and harmony vocals….They play a variety of music, specializing in Irish and Celtic Folk music, but are very accomplished in other genres such as Classic Rock, Country, Folk, Maritime, and Novelty songs, all depending upon the preference of the audience at the time.  They are sought after as festival performers, as is evidenced by their many appearances at Regional and Local Festivals and Fairs, including the East Durham Irish Festival, the Andy McGann Traditional Music Festival, The Hunter Mtn. Celtic Faire, the Hooley on the Hudson, and many, more…

They have shared the stage, and opened for many well known performers,  such as Tommy Makem, the Clancy Brothers, Pete Seeger, Jim Connors(Kingston Trio and John Denver band), Tommy Sands, Paddy Reilly, The WolfeTones, Andy Cooney, Uncle Floyd, Joe Banjo Burke, Pat  Roper, and many others….

As a band and on their own, they have played all over the Tri State area, New England, Ohio,   through the South(Washington DC, Ga., Al., Fl., Va., NC, SC., )and up and down the California coast…

They are frequent performers in East Durham, NY(the “Irish Alps”), have been referred to by many people as “the Irish Smothers Brothers”, and Have been called the “Worlds Best Bar Band”(really!).  They were the last band to perform in Tommy Makem’s Irish Pavillion in Manhattan, and have appeared at many Beacon Sloop Club Festivals(founded by Pete Seeger besides being a great American and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, a friend and mentor of Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers, and Banjo Teacher  of Tommy Makem) The first time they were heard by Pete Seeger he said “Who are those Guys ?”

Due to their vast song list (covering many styles of music), and instrumental virtuosity, they can bring a room “to life”, and keep a room in business, long after many bands have lost their audience….

For Bookings, and more information, please contact: Don Smith, (201) 274-3022, or email :

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HORNPIPES: The rights of Man, and the Boys of Bluehill

Live on the Radio with Kevin Westley, Hofstra U.
in March 2013 we appeared (appeared?) on Hofstra's Radio Program "That's How I Spell Ireland"

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