Don BANJO Smith, and Friends....Proudly Announce...

QUALITY BANJOS FOR SALE! and, Concertinas, too!

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As a player, collector, repairman, restorer, and affecianado of fine banjo's and concertina's(having had learned on cheap, crappy imports), I frequently have for sale older banjo's and vintage concertina's that I have resurrected from ebay, and other places.  Sometimes they are in condition acceptable to collectors, other times they have been re-conditioned so that the modern player can play, and appreciate, a fine vintage instrument, but not necessarily in it's orginal state, (which is so prized by the collectors).  I mainly deal with instruments for players, because to me, that is what it is all about, playing the instrument, making music from that old banjo or concertina!!  I have had, and sold, Bacons, Bacon and Day's, Brunos, Maybells(made by Slingerland), Paramounts, Slingerlands, S.S. Stewarts, Wurlitzers, and many, many, no name banjos that were good quality, as most were, back "in the day" !   The Concertina's I have mostly dealt with are vintage,19th to early 20th century English made instruments such as Lachenal, Crabb, and Nickolds.  Look for them!
In the not too distant future, I will have listed a Bacon, a Bacon and Day, a Maybell plectrum, and a no name,(but obviously Slingerland made Banjo) all restored, and in excellent, playable, condition.  They will be priced(as they always are) much lower than new, American made(though usually of the same quality, or better) similar banjos, and sometimes lower than the new, imported from the orient banjos(lower than the top of the line ones, anyway).  And, they will play, and sing, their hearts out for you, after years of dis-use, they will be glad to be making music again! 


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B and D Special !
VERY SPECIAL!! With the Bacon Donut Tone Ring!!

Headstock View
B and D Special, Side View
This is a Beautiful Banjo!
B and D Special inside of the Rim

List of Instruments for sale: All are Professional Grade Instruments
B and D Special Tenor Banjo:  Immaculate Bacon and Day Special Neck(1930's) on a repro Bacon Rim with FF tonering.  Open Back(this is similar to a Bacon Style B), modern planetary tuners, clamshell tailpiece, this is one of the nicest looking, sounding and best playing banjo's I have  ever had the privilege to work on, pick up, and play.  This is the fastest playing neck I have ever held in my hands, and is a real beauty!  Walnut(or something dark like it) neck with ebony fingerboard and nice inlays.  Was $700.00, now, $625.00.  ...Comes with older but serviceable  Hardshell Case.